What does a curriculum include?

Every curriculum has a parent packet including a scope & sequence, child development insights, a planning guide, info on how and when to use the homeschool documentation provided by Your Natural Learner.

What happens after I buy?

Once you've purchased a Your Natural Learner Curriculum for your child, you'll get an email confirming your purchase. It will give you login credentials to access the Natural Learning library and steps to claim a complimentary month of the homeschooling club. Pssst! Be sure to scroll to the bottom of that email to find bonus goodies - they change every so often based on what I'm cooking up.

What is homeschool documentation?

This is an official Your Natural Learner document personalized with your child's name and age. You can include it with homeschool registration paperwork required in your state. This documentation includes the Scope & Sequence for the curriculum your child has been learning with at home, so it's crystal clear to anyone concerned what academic skills are being covered.

What is a Scope & Sequence & how can I use it?

A Scope & Sequence details what skills and topics are taught in each theme. They give you a bird's eye view and can be used in a few ways. First, you can use this to help choose which theme to start with based on which skills your child would like to develop. You can share a copy of it with your charter school or as part of your submission for any homeschool registration process. Third, use the Scope & Sequence to quickly access which  skills your child is demonstrating and which they can begin to develop. Remember, each child develops in their own time - the Scope & Sequence will just give you an easy-to-reference guide.

My child is resisting everything! How can I work with their resistance to doing activities?

Take a step back and practice acceptance and curiosity. Behavior is always an indicator of a need. Drop the agenda (they will feel it!) and focus on connecting. Here is a free two-week reset plan that will help.

What if I need more support?

Each purchase of the curriculum comes with a complementary month of the Homeschooling Club.

Club Perks include:

  • Ability to ask me anything! 💚
  • Club Facebook Group ♣️
  • Natural Learning in 5 Minutes Podcast 🎧
  • Natural Learning Lab Library 🧪
  • Connect with Local Natural Learning Families 🌎
  • Unlock Member-Only Posts & Classes for Parents 🔑

Can I get a sample of the curriculum?

Sure thing!  Choose whichever grade level you're looking for:


First Grade

Second Grade

Third Grade

Fourth Grade(coming soon)

Fifth Grade (coming soon)

What if I'm not ready for a curriculum, and I just need help getting back on track?

I totally get it and that's why I created the 7-day program called UNSTUCK! Click the link to get all the info and sign up for just $12.

What if my children are attending public/private school right now?

That's okay, these resources are still valuable to you (and your family)! You can download my free email templates to start advocating for your child's unique learning journey and needs. I encourage you to sign up for the UNSTUCK program to better understand how you can support your child no matter what they are currently doing for education. This is also a great option if you need help with the #deschooling period after unenrolling your children (or help give you more information to make an informed decision).

I have a specific question, does Leah work privately with families?

The best way to ask Leah a question is to become a member of the Homeschooling Club. You'll get access to a top-secret form that lets you submits a question (and even add relevant photos or videos). She answers your questions in the form via an episode on the well-loved podcast Natural Learning in Under Five Minutes (all episodes are available to members).

Check out an episode here:

I need help with a technical or billing issue?

Please email support@yournaturallearner.com with your account email and/or order number.